everyday heroes!

it's nice to get to quilt a quilt that will be raffled to raise money for our everyday heroes.

the patches are from firehouses from all over....mostly GA, but some from other staes...it was nice to look at all of them. i like the moose on the one from maine. what a nice collection...

the patches are just safety pinned now, but karen will sew them down by hand (if it really snows as much as they are forcasting....she'll have plenty of time. but i think the more they talk about snow, the chances of it actually snowing drops...)

here's a shot of the back....i like it when the quilting shows.

sending vibes out to the universe that it raises TONS of money!


  1. How WOnderful and doesn't it make your heart CELEBRATE to honor others!!! Love it!!!!!!!! And the reference to Redneck cracked me up! It's been my buzzword of the week. Come by and play another giveaway game at my blog if you have time and interest! Hope you got the last prize :).


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