you bought it why?

i went on a fabric therapy road trip yesterday.... i found this adorable fabric inconspicuously hiding and just had to have a yard or it.... (it's from In The Beginning by Wendy Slotboom called Frolic....oh my gosh- i LOVE her last name! if you could add two Ts,  i'd bet that everytime roll would have been called in school- someone would've gotten that teacher look for giggling....that was usually me....i sat in the desk right beside the teacher' and jonathon somebody...anywhoo TMI right now, back to your regualrly scheduled blog posting......beep)

why you ask? for the very simple fact that i have never had the thought, "hey look at those adorably cute possums" 

so i volunteer to be the president of fabra-holics anonymous, any takers for secretary? i'd have a treasurer, but i have a feeling there would be a higly public scandal....who would give money to a fabra-holic?

hi, my name is shannon and i'm a fabra-holic. it's been three seconds since i last fondled fabric.....
*unenthusiastic clapping* ummm, thanks for sharing.....


  1. Hello, my name is Gigi. I am a fabra-holic. I cannot fondle fabric all day, so I lurk on quilty blogs. You are my enablers. (Thank you.)

  2. Hi, my name is Becky and I'm right there with you sister. I have fabric hiding in my drawer at work. When I get stressed out and want to choke someone, the fabric makes an appearance and I soon become calm. Unfortunately (or fortunately) the stash at work is getting rather out of control so I might have to "sneak" some of into the house. Thanks for listening. I'll be sure to attend more meetings. :-)

  3. don't feel bad. I bought it too. I probably will make something for my grandaughter with it.

  4. I want some of it, too. No earthly idea what I will do with it but I love the design.


  5. The racoon looks like Molly. She comes to my back door every night to finish the cat food. We are waiting for her to bring her babies to dinner. I love the fabric.



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