sharp point on leaf tutorial

this is the last in the postings for the applique BOM medallion. unless i see a strong need for another...

Using the templates provided in the pdf, prepare the leave fabrics for needle turn appliqué using your preferred method. (i use the trace-around-freezer-paper way- i learned it in a hawaaian applique class- it works for me) In the pictures I have used a red marker, I WOULD not do that to the actual piece I would be using in the finished block/quilt. I used red because it shows up nicely in the pics.

Also, I only photoed one leaf unit. I suggest doing all the leaves at once. I store my prepared leaves in a piece of folded cardstock in a Ziploc baggie. Keeps them from getting lost (or eaten    barney….TMI- it takes four days to 'recover' an eaten 1/2sq unit) and keeps them from getting wrinkled.

(clicking pictures will open a bigger view. then click the back button to come back here)

1. Place the ¼ block drawing on a lightbox, lay background fabric over drawing and mark general lines for placement of all leaf units. (yes i already did the top leaves before i realized i needed a picture for the tute, but you get the idea...*smacks wrist*)

2. With ¼ block still on light box, lay the leaf labeled N on top of drawing, matching lines. Glue the edge of leaf N where leaf part O will over lie.

3. Carefully place leaf O using glue stick to temporarily hold it.

4. Remove from light box and double check that the pointy line of leaf O lines up with the line of leaf N. not the cut seam allowance edge- the drawn line that is the edge of the piece after needleturn.

5. Thread needle with appliqué thread (I use metler’s 30wt. poly) and knot. Bring thread through leaf O’s point.

6. Needleturn appliqué the over lying part of leaf O, stopping at the point where the two lines cross. Tie off thread.

7. Flip entire unit over and snip into the seam allowance 1/8” - 3/16" above the point where you stopped stitching. This will make turning under that part easier later down the road (yes, I had to unsew some parts to learn that lesson, but my goofs prevent you from goofing. see how that works. love me yet?)

8. fold back bias stem and use pins to hold it. Using the registration lines from step #1, place leaf unit on background. Adjust as needed, then use glue stick to temporarily hold piece.

9. Appliqué the entire leaf as it were one fabric piece. When you get to the spot with the two layers of fabric, carefully turn them under together as though they were just one fabric. securely stitch that area, you don't want the leaf to come out from under itself...

10. Notice how ‘neat’ that point is? It isn’t all frayed and bumpy. Smooth as a baby’s bottom…lemon pleasy! I guarantee a judge would take notice that little detail (it’s the way they look at a quilt…the little details that show you understand the ‘process’)

if you have any questions- email me. my add is in the right sidebar.

now i'm sure some really experienced appliquer is reading this and is like, "well duh" but i'm kindda in the self-taught box, and i haven't taken alot of classes. i feel pretty darn proud of myself to have figured that one out by myself...don't ruin it for and nod, boys, just smile and nod

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to photograph and post this. I've been wondering what "needle turn" applique meant...didn't even realize I've done that before - just didn't know what to call it. Thanks again!


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