pros and cons of an ice day

well, butter my butt and call me Biscuit! the meteorologists got it right....for once.....

i discovered a perk of working from morning traffic only consists of stepping over the occasional kiddo stretched across the hall....i didn't have to brave the other drivers-who-think-they-can drive-on-ice to get to work...

i'm getting ready to start this's wasn't really talking to me, so i unfolded it and we teleconferenced...after much discussion an agreement was had and a meeting of the minds was reached...*shrug* huh?

(a con of working at home- the lack of face-to-face human contact leaves me to entertain's kindda pathetic when you're the only one laughing at your own corny jokes....*i don't get it*)


  1. Stay nice and cozy warm ! I've been in the barn [COLD] trying to help DH fix me a light bar. So sorry the get together didn't come together !! Soon, soon, please. And about not interacting, sometimes it's the pits. I miss that and that only since I don't have an outside job. Hugs to the floor ornaments ! Glenda

  2. Well, ok-you are a biscuit and me too cuz I thought the same thing about the weatherman yesterday when it actually started to snow at rush hour--just like they said! (Oh my gawd-they got it right)

  3. I find you very entertaining, & wish you lived next door!


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