i'll just have to assume

i mailed the giveaway prize for barney's caption winner on tuesday.. USPS Priority mail...i assume it made it *fingers crossed*  so here's what is sitting in kim's po box waiting patiently to get outta the box...

i made her one of my little pouches with my 'trademark' fried egg flowers appliqued on it.  kim said her favorite color was green...hey me too....no problem finding greens in my stash! i even had a green zipper!

look at the inside! that zipper is put in by hand...i covered all the raw edges...by hand! check out the zipper pull- it's a fabric bead sewn by hand! see, i love my readers!

so are you drooling?  would you like to own your very own of these little pouches?- head over to lucky's picture post and enter a clever caption for your chance to win one custom-made shannon pouch original....you get to pick the color....end of the month is the deadline....you're still here?


  1. Wow!! Love this bag ! Great job on it too!! Where could I get the pattern from ?? I think I would love to make one. Thanks,betty

  2. That is just the cutest bag...love it!!

  3. Hey, Shannon...did you make that bag by hand? You didn't say...*snicker* Its way cute!!

  4. Thank you, Thank you!!!! I got this wonderful bag in the mail today...
    we live quite a few miles from town so I don't get there everyday, but when DH got home this afternoon he had your package.

    I love it!!! Thanks again!!!


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