my first block done!

so i'm not a watch TV type of hands get i tend to have an needleturn applique project within reach of my end of the couch...but lately, i've gotten 'burned out' with needle i've been waiting for inspiration on my next hand project...

well, i found it....i was reading Material Obsession's blog and saw this post and feel in love with those english paper pieced stars (about mid way down the post). so i got out my card stock and started cutting out 3 inch 45 degree diamonds and 3 inch squares...that's when it hit me that this was a little more 'involved' then i i googled english paper piecing pieces and found Paper Pieces they have them already cut out at a very reasonable i ordered some (300 of each- that'll give me 18 blocks, plus the two i cut out) they measure almost 15" across so 20 blocks should make a good sized quilt....

so drum roll first block!

i was also inspired by the wedgie i ordered the ruler...i'm thinking batiks for that one....i'm happy to be inpsired again....was getting a little worried.....


  1. How beautiful ! You did an awesome job. Glenda

  2. That is a great block. If you get tired of all the basting and whipstitching of English paper piecing, check out Inklingo at All the precision, none of the basting. No affiliation, just an addicted victim... grin

    Leslie in (cold snowy windy) Maine

  3. Wonderful star! That is such a fun shape to EPP (English Paper Piece).

    We just wrapping up our "Blooming Lone Star" table runner and you can see them at

    We have EPP projects all year around. I would love to have you join us for future workshops. 8o)

    cindy aka MsDesigns
    Teacher/Owner at
    Owner at

  4. You should also look into Inklingo. You can print the cutting and sewing lines on the wrong side of the fabric, so no need for the paper. Kathie L from Allentown (a new follower)


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