how to attract the ladies...

you live in southern rural georgia and it's a friday night, how do you attract females?

do you take your puppy for a walk....nope.
do you baby sit your baby niece/nephew....nope...

you go into town with your baby raccoon.....yes, that is a real baby raccoon that a guy had at the gas station we stopped at this weekend...sorry for the weird look on my face....i was making squeaky sounds to get the raccoon to look towards davis for the picture...they are not a soft as you would think and they have a musky smell. her name was bandit. she was very sweet, she kept giving me kisses (like a dog) on my neck.

 i'll have to tell you the story about my bandit one day....


  1. When I was growing up, a friend had a pet raccoon. When it got big it wasn't nearly as cute!

  2. We have Molly who comes each night to finish our cats dinner. Mooly just looks up at us in the kichen door and then returns to HER dinner.



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