quilty goodness

finally! i can post some quilting! these belong to carolyn, and i had a blast quilting them. it's nice to allow yourself to 'let go' and have fun. i highly reccomend it!

this one is for her sister, so i did my cotton candy E2E. i used a yellow thread (straw gold) that matched the yellow squares. i'm really getting an itch to make a scrap quilt....

this one was made for her 20yr granddaughter. the circles are raw edge and are meant to fray when it's washed. i was asked to not quilt over them, and since they are to big of a space to leave unquilted, i did something very simple in them.

sorry about that stray thread, i didn't even see it and the quilts are gone...*shrug* quilters come with strings attached. but isn't that design on the back great! i love the little details...and btw- i used a turq thread...not yellow...

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