my video debut!

my friend dory (of yurt fame) asked me how i did my knots. so i tried to think how to explain it, and well- it was as clear as mississppi mud. so- i made a video and tried to email it to her, unsuccessfully. (file to big, which i thought it would be) i decided it might be easier to post it here. (plan B) this is new territory for me so *fingers crossed* here i go....

now a few things to keep in mind:
  • i absolutely HATE the way my voice sounds recorded... (*argh*) i'm not as dorky as i sound....okay maybe alittle, but in a good way (i am as southern as i sound)
  • this is not professionally done. davis was my tripod. (bless his heart)
  • i used my camera...
  • i don't knot and bury my threads. i haven't to date. (i just heard the quilt police suck the air out of the room) i honestly think it's a preference thing.
  • when i say that i put my finger against the hopping foot, what i mean is that i use my finger like a ruler and brace the machine against it. it's easier than draggin' out a ruler every time.
  • i forgot to mention, but i'm doing pebbling, so my knot is hidden in my trace back, and conveniently, that's where my bobbin ran out. i try really hard to hide my knot in a seam or somewhere i'll be tracing back on...
this is how I do it. your welcome to elaborate and do what works for you. i know that my way is not the only way (quilt wise anyway...just kidding)

i had so much fun doing this little one- i defiantly see a full production one in my future one day....


  1. Love it! This is exactly how I make knots on my quilts to, so when the quilt police are done with you just send them my way!

  2. That is almost how I do mine too except I just make about 5 or 6tiny stitches with the stitch regulator off then I turn it on and start quilting. Nice to see someone else not using the knot and bury technique...I think that way is NUTS especially with custom work.
    And your voice sounded fine but i can relate to how your feel. I hated watching myself in my cable TV profile I did two months ago, that was torture!!

  3. cool! make more videos please!


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