last flood pics

here are the last of the flood pictures, i promise. these are, i think, the most impactful of how much water we really were dealing with and how much rain came down.
this is noonday creek. it's a large-ish creek that runs through a big chunk of cobb county. i want to say it empties into the chattahoochee river. ? this was taken tuesday evening after the water went down, but keep in mind the creek is still swollen. see the arrow? that is an exhaust pipe for something...

okay, same spot on monday evening when the worsest had passed....see the arrow here? that's the same exhaust pipe from the picture house is about 1/4 of a mile to the left....that's ALOT of water to accumulate in only 12 hours...

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  1. You're in Cobb county GA? We used to live in Marietta and my son still lives there. Hope you didn't have any damage.


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