fall swap blocks done!

i got all the blocks finished for the fall block swap i participated in from the APQS forum- just in time for fall.

i finished sewing the 8 log cabin blocks today. i didn't want to do another sashed and corner- stoned top, so i branched out on this one. i was scared that the green would stick out, but i choose greens with a lot of grey tones. it came out just like i imagined it in my head (that's been happening alot lately) so now all i have to do is sew the blocks together and get a border on it...then quilt it...

i'm really liking it so far....i just wish it wasn't square. i'm not a fan of square quilts *shrug* oh well.

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  1. SO sorry I haven't been around lately.... you know the story. But I haven't seen this yet...WOW...Its going to be gorgeous.....can't wait to see the finished piece.


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