i also slipped in a charity quilt for the stitchn sallies from due west methodist church. they had an emergency need so i slipped it in between two show's made from sale BOM kits from hancock's or joann's, i can't remember...i like it. i might have to make me one using this block layout...

i just meandered it, which was fine. it is still professionally quilted...i don't slack on charity quilts. they get the same quality quilting as a show quilt.
when i first started LA i was approached by them and asked if i would quilt their charity quilts. i had already decided that the first group that approached me, and asked, i would quilt for them. the only stipulation would be that i would get to do whatever on the tops as i was new and needed the experience. they agreed. so that was 5 years ago and i'm still quilting for them. they are a great group of ladies and i'm proud to call them my friends...

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  1. As a Stitchn' Sally, I MUST say that Shannon has been most generous with her time and talent.

    She is an artist. We never know what beauty we will see when she finishes one of our quilts.

    Thank you so much Shannon, we really appreciate all you do for Stitchin Sallies. You truly are a treasure


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