i'm in fonz and porter's love of quilting again. if you'll look on page 72 in the sept/oct 2009 issue- i quilted that quilt. it was pieced by jean ann wright and called "gotham medallion"

thanks to joan for the emailed congrats....


  1. Shannon, Congratulations!!! I just went to the mailbox and there it was, my new Fons and Porter mag.
    I turned immediately to page 72. WOW, that is a neat quilt. The design looks complicated. I can't see your quilting on the color page though. On the page with the quilting diagram shown, is that the way YOU quilted it? Or just another suggestion by the authors?

    Nice going.


  2. darlene- yup, the 'suggested quilting motifs' is the way i quilted it. it was a fun quilt to quilt...

    thanks for the comment and for reading my blog!
    happy stitchn'

  3. Published is GOOD, published AGAIN is twice as good. I will have to steal a glance at that issuse next time I see it on the rack. I'm sure it is a fabulous as all your work is.

  4. Oh, that's funny! I saw that and thought to myself, "She has the same name as Shannon! How funny that there are two long-arm quilters with the same name!" Congratulations!

    The "other" Jeanette

  5. You Go Girl!!


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