peek a boo!

here i am, now you go hide and i'll come find you! i've been a quilt cave recluse.

wow! it was monday when i last's what i was working on. two blooming 9patches....made by carolyn g. and her mother. her mother (sorry i don't know her name) Mom made the smaller one (with the pink) and carolyn made the larger one (with the yellow). i quilted what i call baby bonnets on Mom's and caroyln's got a feather meander (even though you can't see it) here's the weird thing- i was allergic to carolyn's quilt, took me two days to realize it also....thank goodness i'm not allergic to all fabric and quilts....i would not be a happy camper.

i made a blooming9 along time's made entirely of batiks. and i'll be honest with ya- i have absolutely NO desire to ever ever make another nine patches were 3 1/4" unfinished, yup- i agree- i found the wrong pattern....

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