i just finished this was made by linda m. from FL. isn't it cute! so sweet...

if you wanna make your own i just happen to know where to go for that. my keepsake catalog came yesterday and i'll be darned if they don't have this quilt as a BOM...i was flipping through and was like, whoa! i know that quilt.

Click here to go to keepsake quilting's online BOM program.

i need to dash to the post office, then i'll load the next quilt.....busy busy's in september.


  1. Your quilting is so pretty! I really love the heart smoke coming out of the chinmey.

  2. Beautiful quilting one more time! Gosh, what a cute quilt and you did such an awesome detailed job of quilting it! Love looking at your blog, and getting inspired. I'm off my duff and over to the machine right now! I just had to stop by and see what you've been up to. It's always rewarding!

  3. I'll have to rememeber the quilting so that in 100 years when I get mine pieced I'll know how to quilt it.

  4. The quilter is my sister-in-law, extremely talented in quilting and everything else she does!
    She once rescued me from a quilting dilema and saved my daughter's wedding present quilt!
    Thanks for doing a wonderful job at quilting her very special quilt!

  5. What a sweet quilt. I love how the roof is "thatched" by the quilting.


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