sunday stash #14

this is a 'new' addition to the stash that won't sit in the cabniet for long....i'm already designing a quilt top so i can use this for the backing...i'm going to call the quilt 'sweet dreams'. i'm reminded of that big n rich song....

it's a funny story....i bought it at joann's last week (i know i broke my own rule, but hey, rules are made to be broken) so i get it measured and i get up to the register to pay and the cashier asks me what i planned on doing with it and i told her that i was gonna put it on the back of a quilt, so she says "well, you'll have sweet dreams under that quilt" and i couldn't stop myself from saying "those aren't the dreams i had in mind" the lady in line behind me had her hand on her hip and was giving me a very disapproving look. i guess it was one of those you-had-to-be-there moments....
the cowboys are huge. they're like 12"-14" tall. it's an alexander henry print called wranglers...i'm just sad that mr. henry didn't put any 'tush' angles in...but i'm NOT complaining :)
happy stitchn'


  1. I gotta go to joann's!:)

  2. A friend just used this fabric in a guild President's challenge called Name That Tune. She made a quilt top of blank blue center and zigzag stitched a shopping cart in the center. Then she fussy-cut 6 or 6 of the man shapes and stuck them inside the shopping cart in all directions. The tune? Captain and Tennille's (remake of Smokey Robinson's) (My momma told me you better) Shop Around.

  3. I have been eyeing that fabric for a while now. Love it! Can't wait to see what you do with it. Love the idea of the wranglers in a shopping cart too! Too cute!


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