*sigh* just one of those days

i have absolutely no motivation to really do anything i had on my 'to-do' list today...

but i did dig out my brown BOM and i got the two blocks pieced that i need to have all the blocks done. now that they are done and on my design wall, i've come to realize i'm not as excited about this quilt as i would've hoped. the only thing i like is the block in the middle of the first row- i like the illusion of transparency. do you see it, or is it just me? oh well....so i'm just going to do a simple sash, cornerstone, inner and outer border it and call it a top. that's a problem with ufos....you feel guilty to finish them , but the initial excitement that you had when you started the project dissipates. then you have a quilt you really don't have any feeling for....at least that's what happens with me sometimes....

do you get UFO regret?

the parts came to fix nemo today. after reading the instructions on what to do i'm a little apprehensive to just dive in without davis in the house....*grr* nothing is as simple as you are led to believe...i should have known better. the factory tossed out phrases like "replace the needle bar" and "pound out the bushings" but, i LOVE nemo....and he's worth it. (don't tell him i said that- he'll get a big head) :)

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  1. Do you have an hour, I could list UFO after UFO!
    I like the brown quilt, but then again my current UFO to work on is an autumnal piece with a lot of brown & I do see the transparency. I like the block in the corner that used tree cookies - I have some of that fabric!


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