crafty recycling

you know that i love to make stuff from stuff. more exactly, i like to make stuff that is useful from something otherwise mundane. check this out:

yup, it's made from a dog food bag. it's that woven plastic fabric. i just made a tote from needs to be washed again....speaking of, if you plan to do this; a couple tips:

1. wash the bag thoroughly with hot soapy water and let dry over night
2. use a jeans/heavy duty needle in your sewing machine and go slow...
3. do not try to iron it...(well, i had to try so i could tell you whether it worked or not))
4. lengthen your stitch length (i went to 8 per inch) and use a cut off piece to test tensions
5. use a thicker thread than normal 'piecing' thread, i used a machine quilting weight cotton

i saw this idea on someone's blog (click here for just one of many) , but they were using bird seed bags, so i can't take credit for the idea...but i think i'm the first to use a dog food bag. plus, it's my favorite color: GREEN! so, keep your eyes open for new 'materials' that can be repurposed into a nice conversation piece...


  1. Great idea! I was looking for this type of fabric to make some totes and didn't even think about the cat food bags I have and the sunflower seed bags. Thanks for the post!

  2. What a great idea! That's better than the ones I made out of juice boxes!! Guess I better start buying bird seed again!

  3. WOW--I have 2 dog food bags put away for trash.
    Gonna make one of those.

  4. Thanks for the tips. I have some cute chicken food bags that I've been wanting to do this with. Have to get some thicker needles and thread and give it a go. Now to find the time...


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