walker school auction quilt

back in january i was approached to make (piece and quilt) the 5th grade auction quilt for walker school. the center is a photo-mosaic (if you squint, you'll see the burgundy 'W' in the circle). all the photos are of the entire 5th grade class scanned and printed on fabric. there were some CUTE pics in there. the burgundy/gold (school colors) checker board border is all hand drawn self portraits by the students. the paw prints are from the school's mascot- a wolverine.

flash forward, i found out the other day how it went with the auction. it raised $2200!! the good news is that the mom that bought the quilt had 4 kids that went through Walker- she had bought the 5th grade quilt for the first 3 and this was her last child going through, so now each child has a quilt for their 'hope chest'.
the quilt measures 60" square. i SIDed most of the quilt.


  1. You did a great job - $2200 is something to be proud of. How did you do the W?

  2. hey melinda-
    the whole photomosaic center was done using a computer program. the photos were 'tinted' so when sewn together you got the 'W' inside the circle. each pic finished at 2.5" and were printed out 12 per page on printed treases. the room moms found someone with the program. i just got alot of photos printed out on fabric.

  3. Shannon, that turned out great!!
    I'm glad it raised so much--what a good idea.

  4. It's wonderful to hear how much money the school was able to raise with this quilt! You are so creative Shannon! Great ideas you had for doing this quilt! I love the idea of the W in the center. Looks awesome!

  5. AnonymousJune 25, 2009

    I like that!!! What a cool idea! How did you do such a large piece of fabric for th pictures? This is just reallllllly neat! linda (lindasewsit,apqschat)


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