sunday stash #13

this is one of my favorite batiks. you know, the one i'll probably never use because i just can't cut it up. to me it looks like it has been discharged dyed. it has these little lignting bolt design in it. it's just really cool. i like the acid green color of it also.


  1. Hi Shannon,

    I love Batiks too & am in thee process of organising a trip to Bali to buy some in bigger quantities than I can afford to do from the quilt shop ($25 a metre here)

    Does the quilt pattern pictured under your "pieceful kwilter" sign have a name? I would love the pattern or something similar!


    Jenny in cold, Melbourne, Australia

  2. hi jenny!

    the quilt behind my header is my own 'design' but there is a technique.if you want- shoot me an email, and i will tell you how i did it.

    half (underscore) square (at) hotmail (dot) com


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