thinking outside the box

okay- bear with me, this is one long story to make a small point. okay, so i LA. i hang the quilts on the outside of my cabinet that i need to get done that week. the thing i was using to do that worked, but i *knew* there was a better way. skip forward- davis and i stopped by home depot tonight and while he was off gandering at boring ole electrical stuff, i happened into the draw hardware aisle. this is where i need to tell you no knobs in my kitchen will be the same. there are so many, i couldn't, in no way or form, pick ONE. so anyway back to tonight, i noticed the cabinet pulls. you know the really long contemporary ones. we'll i had a gut reaction that that would be useful some how....flash forward another 1/2 hour, we're standing in line at the register when it hit me....i knew exactly what that cabinet door pull would work for....i built a better mousetrap. now i need to find swivel-headed hangers that are strong enough to hold the weight of a quilt...oh,darn (insert sarcasm) i see a trip to the container store in my future....

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