taking out the math #2

okay here's another chart for all the non-math majors. it is a chart of 'standard' mattress sizes.
now, a word of caution: there is NO 'standard' mattress size. what i mean is this, the surface top (where you sleep) is pretty consistant, but with all the different pillow tops, depth of the mattress varies. so if you're going to make a quilt to fit a certain bed- MEASURE THAT PARTICULAR BED including the depth of the mattress (called the drop). also, when a quilt top is quilted and washed it shrinks (up to 10% depending on the type of batting used) so i recommend adding at least 10" in both directions: width and length,to the quilt top to allow for this. trust me, i made a quilt to fit my bed- looked beautiful! then i washed it- it didn't fit my bed anymore. so i add 10 inches to every quilt i make for shrinkage. (disclaimer-*groan* this is MY personal opinion, based on at least 10 years of making quilts. it is in NO way industry fact. you are left to use your own creative interpretation of my previous experiences :) )

Bed Mattress size (in inches/ width x length)
Buggy 15 x 31
crib 23 x 46
playpen 40 x 46
youth 32 x 66
studio (?) 30 x 75
bunk 38 x 75
twin* 39 x 75
wide twin 48 x 75
long twin 39 x 80 (used commonly in college dorms)
double/full* 54 x 75
queen* 60 x 80
king* 78 x 80
CA king 72 x 84

(*- denotes 'standard' size)
oh- i've never heard or seen a mattress labeled 'studio' but i included it anyway....

that's clear as mud, right?

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