sage blue stars

here's the quilt i literally just finished- it belongs to muriel p. and i must say- i find myself really liking the subtle color scheme. i would totally sleep under this quilt.

it measures 85 inches square and i quilted it with feathers in the sashing and border, CCed the star patchwork, and doodlebugged the block backgrounds using a thread named mother goose. i was a bit surprised when i did my bobbin count- i estimated 9- 10 bobbins, it took 14! ....but i did echo the feather spine, so i'm guessing i didn't account for that in my estimate...

i was thinking the other day (no it didn't hurt), there are LAers that don't quilt for hire, don't get me wrong- that's cool (sometimes i wished i didn't) but i like quilting for customers cause there is no way in heck i could make enough quilts to quilt all the ideas i have floating around in my grey, i like the challenge of designing the quilting design to fit the quilt. you couldn't really put a contemporary E2E on a civil war reproduction quilt, so i get to 'design' the quilting to enhance the theme of the quilt. keeps me on my toes. and just another reason i love LAing.

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  1. Hi Shannon,

    Just thougth i would say 'HI' and let you know i was visiting your blog. I am new to the APQS chat site and enjoy seeing your work. I think we are cut from the same cloth in how we think about quilting. I have had my Milli for 6 months now, I love a challenge and learning new free hand designs to quilt.
    I really like your bug that you doodled , you should try to quilt that design and hide that in the quilts you work should be your signature on the quilts you do for clients. I'm still waiting to find my signature but i haven't had that 'voila' moment.
    The quilt that you posted here is just beautiful, i love the colors too and your quilting designs just bring it to life.
    See you around the APQS chat.
    Kathy S. (a.k.a. Tamarack)


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