Tiny Stitches BOM 2009

here's the BOM that i'm doing at Tiny Stitches (click here for the link to their website). i'm doing the 'tropical heat wave' set. of course, i'm making a few changes. i'm using some of my stash, and i redesigned one block. no offense to the ladies at TS for all their hard work in this BOM, but i just want my quilt to be different from everyone else's. *grin* anywhoo, the block i changed- i used one of their blocks from a BOM they did couple years back....(hint- look at the bottom of the cheddar quilt in yesterday's post)

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  1. Anne O'ConnorFebruary 11, 2010

    Hi Shannon, love your blog - am a lurker on the APQS site - own a second hand liberty.
    block on LH bottom of TSBOM has got me intrigued. I thought the centre was pieced using the delectable mountains technique, but when zoomed it doesn't show this - how did you do it?
    Anne OC


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