Taking out the math #1

i was designing a quilt this week and came across this handy dandy chart, so i thought i'd share.
i'll post every once in a while a 'taking the math' out of quilting topic.

today, it's what you can get from a fat quarter (a fat quarter is a piece of fabric appox. 18" x 22") these are the CUT dimensions!

(99)- 2" squares
(50)- 2 1/2" sqs
(42)- 3" sqs
(30)- 3 1/2" sqs
(20)- 4" sqs
(16)- 4 1/2" sqs
(12)- 5" sqs
(12)- 5 1/2" sqs
(9)- 6" sqs
(6)-6 1/2" sqs

next time you start digging in your stash for fabric, i hope this chart comes in handy.

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  1. Hey Shannon -- thanks for this chart -- it's terrific. Also -- love, love, love your quilting. I lurk on the APQS forum and really enjoy your comments and helpful hints.

    Thanks for sharing your creativity!


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